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Anti Sweat, Pro Confidence.

How long does Honour last?

Honour's anti- Sweat Technology has been clinically proven to reduce your underarm sweat for 4 day to 7 days. We have conducted extensive testing in the lab, where we compared untreated vs treated underarms and saw that after just 1 hour on average people were experiencing significant differences with their output levels of moisture

How fast will I see results?

For some people, the first application of this product generates great results. Others may need to continue using it for a few weeks before seeing effects and improvements in sweat reduction. To get the best results from Honour anti sweat, apply it 3 times within your first week and then once a week or as needed.

Can I use Honour with other deodorant and cologne?

You can layer Honour Anti Sweat with other products for additional protection and scents, It's completely safe and will not change the properties of either one!

Can I use Honour after shaving?

We recommend that you wait 48 hours after shaving to apply Honour anti sweat. Shaving often leaves your skin irritated, so applying it directly may sting and make the area sensitive again.

When should I use Honour?

This is because during the evening hours, when you're most likely to be resting and sleeping. Your body's natural sweating mechanisms are on standby - leaving your skin more receptive to absorbing Honour anti sweat.