Pro Tips

Pro Tips

  1. Please remember to remind you: To ensure that Honour Anti-Sweat is used effectively, it's essential to apply it the night before the intended day of effectiveness. To avoid forgetting, set a reminder one or two days before. This way, you can ensure that the spray has enough time to work and provide maximum protection.

  2. First-time use: When using Honour Anti-Sweat for the first time, it's recommended to apply the spray three times in the first week. You can apply the spray two nights a row, but if you experience a mild itch after using it, wait 24 hours and apply it again. This will help your body adjust to the product and ensure maximum effectiveness.

  3. Less frequent use: If you only require sweat-free days less than three times a month, it's recommended to use Honour Anti-Sweat two consecutive nights before the intended day. Using the spray for three straight nights is recommended for those who sweat excessively.

  4. Compatible with other deodorants: Honour Anti-Sweat can be used with other deodorants and fragrances without affecting its performance. Applying your favourite scent in the morning is recommended, and for extra protection, use any deodorant the day after applying Honour Anti-Sweat.

  5. Overuse: Overuse of Honour Anti-Sweat may result in a slight tingle or irritation in the application area. This is a sign that the product is working correctly, but avoiding using it for 4 to 7 days is recommended after experiencing this feeling.

  6. Please do not use it in the morning: It may be tempting to apply Honour Anti-Sweat on the day of intended effectiveness, but this will not allow enough time for the product to work effectively. It's essential to use the spray the night before to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  7. Safe for children: Honour Anti-Sweat is a safe and effective solution for combating sweat and odour in children aged 12 and older. It's recommended to patch test first before using it heavily on the skin to avoid irritation. For maximum impact, you can use it two nights in a row.

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