How It Works

How It Works

The active ingredient in Honour Anti-Sweat prevents perspiration in desired areas by causing sweat ducts to shrink. The spray also creates a seal over the skin that offers powerful sweat-blocking protection for 4-7 days.

During this time, old skin cells are shed and new skin cells that grow cause the effect to gradually wear off. The time that this takes depends on how long it takes your skin to exfoliate. Once the sweat ducts reopen, it means it’s time for reapplication. Sweat protection usually lasts 2-3 days for the back, torso, or inner thighs, while the armpits typically take 5-6 days to fully exfoliate.

There is a misconception that perspiring is necessary to remove metabolic waste; the kidneys serve this function. This is why people who live in cold climates do not experience health issues related to the absence of sweat.

It is not uncommon to temporarily stop sweating from problematic parts of the body, as perspiration naturally continues across the surface of the skin on other areas. This helps the body maintain its natural function of stabilising internal body temperature through sweating.

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